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We stock a wide range of genuine SU and Zenith rebuild, service and gasket kits, with prices starting from as little as 9.95 for a gasket kit for a single carburettor.

Service kits contain jets, float chamber needle valves, gaskets, o rings, rubber washers and seals.
Prices start from 65.00
  • MGB (CSK59) 805..
  • TR3 (CSK 41x2) 115.00

    Rebuild kits contain all service kit items plus throttle spindles and butterflies.
  • TR4A (CRK 249 ) 120.00
  • GT6 (CDRK ) from 120.00
  • Spitfire 1500 (CRK 147) 120.00

    Reconditioned carburettors are available for most Triumphs and MG's. All reconditioned carburettors contain a full rebuild kit and new metering needles.
  • MGB (loose) 565.00 per pair.
  • Triumph Spitfire 1500 ( loose) 565.00 per pair .
  • Triumph Vittesse Mk 1 555.00 per pair.

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    We can recondition all SU and Stromberg carburettors as well as a few English Zenith and Solex.
    All our reconditioned carburettors are thoroughly cleaned, the bodies are bead blasted, the linkage replated and the dash pot tops polished.
    A full rebuild kit is fitted and metering needles are replaced.
    The mixture and idle are set as recommened by SU /Zenith / Solex.

  • Triumph Herald 13/60 165.00
  • MGB (inc. manifold and linkage, see pic.) 350.00
  • E-Type Jaguar from 800.00

    Delivery 12.00 by safe courier.

    Reconditioning takes 6-8 weeks.

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